Sunday, March 3, 2013

Burberry Releases BODY Tender

When I was last in Paris, I recall strolling up long avenues past the many varied and equally beautiful pharmacies, boutiques and perfume shops the city is dotted with. Even surrounded by the beautiful French scenery, my attention was captivated by promotional images for a new fragrance, Burberry BODY and I immediately entered the nearest shop to investigate. Redolent of fruity, chypre notes I remember loving how fresh BODY was in comparison to many of Burberry's other classic perfumes. The shape of the bottle also evoked the ad campaign: a beautiful model sprawled sensually in one of Burberry's iconic trench coats.

The newest addition to the Burberry perfume family, BODY Tender, launched on March 1st and will be available in US department stores in May (just in time for Mother's Day). With BODY Tender, Burberry promises a light spirited rendition of their already playful BODY, both of which pay homage to the Burberry girl as well as the brand's hometown in London. The ideal Burberry girl and muse for this campaign is current "It Girl" Carla Delevingne who can be seen modeling the fragrance along with a Burberry trench in promotional images for the new fragrance. (Can we just talk about how major and beautiful her brows are?!)

Of their new release, perfectly timed for the beginning of Spring, Burberry says the following: "Understated and feminine, the British scent is a light spirited expression of the iconic Burberry Body fragrance. Sparkling scent brings together a fresh surge of lemon, dewy English rose and white jasmine against a warm, effortlessly feminine soft base."

From the promotional imagery and video, to the pink tinged bottle itself BODY Tender seems to promise the light fragrance of la vie en rose, London style. I'm sure I'm not the only one eager to smell Burberry's latest release!

Information via press release.