Sunday, March 10, 2013

By Request: Organization Tips and A Peek At My Stash

A few weeks ago I asked you, my lovely readers, to let me know what sort of content you might be interested in seeing on Getting Cheeky. While I received many brilliant suggestions, the most requested post by far was a peek at my makeup stash/organizational system, and though it's not horribly exciting I am more than happy to oblige.

Of course I feel the need to begin this post with the standard disclaimer that almost all bloggers/You Tube vloggers feel obligated to address before taking readers and viewers on a tour of their stash. I am not bragging. Any and all of the cosmetics you see below were purchased with my own money unless otherwise noted at the bottom of the post in which I review them, which I always include when the occasion warrants it. Obviously this was not accumulated overnight. I of course have less than some, and more than others. This is my hobby and just like a stamp collector has more stamps than your average home letter and bill mailer, I have more makeup than your average non-professional user of makeup.

Now that I've gotten that unpleasant but necessary tangent out of the way, I can move into organization. I have three areas in my home where makeup/skin care is kept:
One. A small shelf in the bathroom vanity and a shelf in the bathroom closet, each of which house exclusively skin and hair care products that I am currently using.
Two. A shelf and a half in our hall/linen closet that houses nail polish, my entire makeup collection that fits into one (yes, you read that correctly, one) conservatively sized set of plastic drawers and an additional smaller set of plastic drawers that houses skin care back ups and "collectors" items of sorts.
Three. A vanity area where I keep my current rotation of products on a "vanity tray" next to the mirror I use to apply my makeup each morning.

The set of plastic drawers that houses my makeup collection is organized as follows:

As I mentioned, I then have an additional much smaller set of plastic drawers that houses backups (note the million tubes of La Roche-Posay Cicaplast, a HG item for me), miscellaneous skin care, copious amounts of lip care and "collector's" items that I have not used and never intend to.

As far as organizational tips and tricks, my biggest recommendation is to keep products together and keep them where you know they'll be used. Though I do have a few items that I treasure for their appearance alone, makeup is meant to be used and more importantly to be enjoyed! Apart from that bit of advice, storage systems and styles are a matter of personal taste. I'm a bit of an order freak and like to have an idea of where everything is at all times, so the system I've developed is ideal for my needs.

How do you organize your stash?
See something above I haven't written about? Please feel free to let me know if you'd like a review of any of the plethora of products above!