Thursday, March 21, 2013

Getting Cheeky's Top Five: Lip Gloss

Each month I look forward to the cull through my organized makeup drawers that can only mean one thing: Getting Cheeky's Top Five. Nothing tells me more about a fellow blogger's taste than a look at their most loved products, so I've decided to share mine! If you'd like to start this series from the beginning and learn a bit more about what products I can't be without, feel free to take a peek at my favorite blushers here, eye shadows or lipsticks here.

As much as I love lipstick, a good gloss will always have a place in my heart. So much so that I found it almost impossible to narrow down my selection to five and ended up with a collection of my top six glosses. The glosses below made the cut for various reasons: I either like glosses very pigmented or appropriately sheer, and above all a smooth and non-sticky texture is what I look for no matter the pigmentation. 

Lipstick Queen Big Bang Theory Illusion Gloss Creation 
I stumbled across The Lipstick Queen's products early last year and immediately fell in love. Though I have yet to properly explore the brand (my experience is limited to this gloss, and the lip tint/lipstick hybrid Medieval) I have a wish list a mile long. Creation is a unique, shimmery rose shade that has the effect of amplifying the appearance of one's lips without actually plumping them. Creation is a makeup bag staple for me, and though I've already written about it I feel that I will be revisiting it soon on Getting Cheeky. 

Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss Insouciance 
Insouciance has the distinction of being my first Chanel makeup purchase ever. Though I avoid truly "nude" lipsticks as they just are not flattering against my coloring, I love the shine and class of a good nude gloss. The Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss formula has it all, shine, color and endurance. I own three of these glosses, but somehow I find myself turning to Insouciance more than any of the others.

NARS Lip Gloss Strawberry Fields & Bougainville
I absolutely adore the pigmented shades NARS offers, which is why I simply couldn't decide between Strawberry Fields and Bougainville. Released a year or two ago, these glosses are the perfect shiny pops of color at any time of year. Neither shade screams season specific, and though I'm not too keen on the smell (melted plastic comes to mind?) I'm willing to endure far worse for such beautiful colors.

MAC Lip Gloss Lap of Luxury 
 Those of you that have been reading Getting Cheeky for some time will know that I made a point of liquidating my collection of MAC lip glasses. Like many before me, I limited myself to only five gloss purchases during the duration of 2012 and learned what I really expect from a gloss. MAC's lip glass formula is simply too sticky for my liking, but there is one exception. Released with the Baroque Boudoir collection, Lap of Luxury is the epitome of a good gold flecked sheer gloss. Not only does it pair well with just about any lipstick, but it also looks incredible on its own. On top of it all, the packaging is stunning. Now this was the kind of limited edition collection from MAC that I could get behind.

Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss Love  
I succumbed to the siren song of Chantecaille's Brilliant Gloss in Love when Jane Daly of Daly Beauty mentioned it a year or so ago. I cannot help but love Love. After application, this gloss leaves the perfect whisper of pink behind. I particularly adore it at this time of year, as it screams early spring in my opinion. Though Chantecaille's makeup is a bit pricey, the formula of this beauty rivals that of Chanel's and is worth further exploration. (A shade called Fig is currently tempting me.)

My all time favorite glosses show a distinct preference for one of two trends: in your face shine coupled with beautifully vibrant pigment, and perfectly shimmery sheers that complement the natural color of my lips or any lipstick I should choose to pair them with. The only outlier is Chanel Insouciance, but as far as I'm concerned every girl needs a good nude gloss.

(Bottom to top): Lipstick Queen Creation, Chanel Insouciance, NARS Strawberry Fields, NARS Bougainville, MAC Lap of Luxury, Chantecaille Love 

What are your top five lip glosses?