Sunday, March 24, 2013

Seven Things Sunday

With work stress as it's been, it's not surprising to me that this weekend has flown by. Somehow I find myself here on Sunday already (whimper!) which inevitably precipitates a Seven Things Sunday post. I should really call this the Seven Things Sunday "spring cleaning edition" as that seems to encompass more than half of the items on my list. I've gone a bit mad ... and despite my best efforts to bring spring about through manic reorganization it's still snowing outside at the moment! Nevertheless, I've decided to take a pause from my cleaning, organizing and revamping to share a few current items I'm loving, liking or (very rarely) disliking. 

One. A newly reorganized "coin de fille." 
After hanging a stylish round mirror over my dresser a few weeks ago and adding a DIY perfume/vanity tray (original post HERE), I've been enamored with the idea of rearranging my dresser to be perfectly girly and largely free of clutter. Believe it or not, since this photograph was taken I've already made a few changes (clutter reduced even further, Decléor jewelry tree added)! I told you I was in a spring cleaning mood.

Two. Having a wonderfully small wish list.
As odd as it sounds, I'm thrilled to have quelled my seemingly insatiable appetite for all things related to cosmetics. I'm sure you're all tired of hearing me drone on and on about reducing my stash, but I've gotten quite a few questions inquiring about the best tips to weed through the piles of makeup and reduce, reuse and recycle! To those who have asked: I promise a post is in the works. Thanks to writing wish lists over and over again, I very carefully consider my purchases before they're made. At the moment there are only three beauties that have captured my special attentions: Diptyque Philosykos EDT, YSL Rouge Volupté Shine No 12 Corail Incandescent and Chanel Taboo Le Vernis.

Three. A trim ... whether it seems like it or not!  
I absolutely adore my wildly untamed mane of hair. Though I straightened and straightened in high school, I've since learned to appreciate the quirkiness and unpredictable beauty of my often unruly hair. In fact, when it comes to considering a hair cut that would involve styling I often say no thanks in favor of my "air dry and go" locks. Every now and then my mane needs maintenance as it grows in length and thickness at an alarming rate. Yesterday I got a trim ... I can tell, but I would be willing to bet that most people wouldn't notice the difference! 

Four. Exciting plans in the works!
I'm not sure whether it's the promise of spring which is a season of new beginnings, or a general renewed enthusiasm I am currently experiencing but I have so many exciting plans in the works ... personally, for Getting Cheeky and at work. No matter where this year takes me I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the ride as big, wonderful and very exciting changes are on the horizon. There's nothing better than a sense of enthusiasm about the future.

Five. A luxuriously reorganized, thinned out closet.
Another area of my home that has suffered the wrath of my spring cleaning mania is my closet. I removed quite literally everything, eliminated quite a few pieces from the dead zones in my closet (pockets of things I never wear just seem to accumulate!) and reorganized to my hearts content. I'm left with a neat closet, better access to all of my pieces and a new look at many of the lovely items I own. Nothing encourages fashion experimentation more than a new look at one's own wardrobe!

Six. Insanely adorable shirts & prints at GAP.
As far as I'm concerned the GAP goes through phases. There are some seasons where quite literally nothing in the store interests me for months, and others during which I can't get enough. This spring the GAP has some adorable clothing and has released my new love the teacup dress (far left above), the bold red and cobalt blue heart print silk blouse (slightly right of center above), and some incredibly adorable fitted "boyfriend shirts" in classic stripes with a girly ruffled twist and adorable ladybugs. I'm smitten. At this rate I can't wait to see what the GAP comes out with into the summer months!

Seven. A few wonderful blog posts as always ...
Meg of Lips So Facto introduces us to And Other Stories and has made me incredibly jealous of her access to the exciting and affordable new store!
Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book shows off Chanel's latest release, Taboo, to perfection. I can't wait to get my hands on a bottle.
Thanks to the in depth reviews at Café Makeup, I'm certain that the NARS Satin Lip Pencil that I want is the beautiful, punchy Luxembourg.

What are your seven things this Sunday?