Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shopping My Stash: March 2013

It's been an age and a day since I last "shopped my stash" and took stock of everything I own. In fact, it would have been when I last reorganized my makeup which was way back in November of 2011 (post here). I've greatly reduced the amount of products I have since then, so I tend to feel a bit less overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of my collection than I did at one time. Product junkies the world over will agree, though, that no matter how much you go through your stash and use items up it is almost impossible to remember everything you have and use each as much as you ought.

I tend not to keep products I don't like, either getting rid of them entirely or passing them along to a friend or family member who may be able to get the product to work. I say this because none of the products I overlook in my collection are there because I dislike them, simply because I've either forgotten I own it or because I put it aside the last time I discovered a new pink blush, perfect bright gloss, or moisturizing balm etc. (I know what you're thinking, and I agree ... this is a bad habit.)

(Left to right): Urban Decay Lip Love Failbait, Beauté Flouron Liquigel Stain, MAC Lip Gloss The Lap of Luxury

I had a spring clean of my makeup collection both to demonstrate how I organize my products (post here) and to discover past season's favorites that will be perfect for the warmer, more sunny weather. I ended up uncovering favorites that I can't believe I'd forgotten. Urban Decay's Failbait (though almost sickly sweet smelling due to the artificial honey fragrance) is an incredibly effective moisturizer/gloss hybrid, and MAC's Lap of Luxury gloss from the Baroque Boudoir collection is a favorite both for the packaging and the gold flecked pink pearl color of the gloss.

I settled on Beauté's Flouron Liquigel stain as my cheek product du jour: though this stain looks intimidating one dab blends into the most lovely, vibrant rose shade on the cheeks. I purchased two shadows this past summer when MAC released their anticipated By Request collection and promptly set them by the wayside. Both Moth Brown and Jeté seem perfectly suited to pair with Chanel's Ombres Perlées de Chanel palette, a spring favorite that I find myself reaching for each year around this time.

(Clockwise from top left): Chanel Ombres Perlées de Chanel Palette, MAC eye shadows Moth Brown and Jeté

All of the products I pulled from the drawers of my stash are vibrant, lovely and perfect for the spring season that's right around the corner. The best part? Shopping for all these exciting products didn't cost a dime. (Well ... not this time around at least.) I do want to make a point or perusing my collection more frequently and rediscovering products. The exercise is both fun, and a lesson on why one ought to avoid purchasing duplicate shades!

What have you recently rediscovered while browsing your stash?