Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Down the (Fragrant) Rabbit Hole

Can anyone say with certainty why our whims take us in one direction or another? Or why a confluence of life events lead us to a specific thing, at a certain time and place in our lives? I certainly can't, and yet I can definitively say that this has happened to me with fragrance. I've always loved fragrance, from my years wearing Love's Baby Soft as a little girl to my first "grown up" bottle of perfume at the age of twelve (it was Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea which was wildly popular at the time). For whatever reason, though, my love of perfume has recently blossomed into a fascination ... and naturally that has carried over to Getting Cheeky. I've fallen down the rabbit hole of perfume, and you my dear friends and readers are welcome to come with me on this fragrance journey.

For me fragrance creates an atmosphere, bonds with memories and forges them in turn. It's a vacation to far away shores in a glass vial, a way to experience things through the eyes of another and a key to our own past that permits us to relive our most vivid memories time and time again. I'm fascinated by its history, conception and popularity, enamored with the fact that unlike makeup I can purchase smaller quantities (hello decants) and thrilled discover new brands, niches and notes that I never previously knew existed. Most importantly of all I find that more than any cosmetic, fragrance enables me to flex my writing muscle which is (after all) the whole reason I started Getting Cheeky in the first place!

A few of the fragrances I'm currently enamored with ...
This is certainly not to say that Getting Cheeky will cease to be a cosmetic and skin care blog! Far from it. I like my multimedia, "a little bit of everything" outlet and I intend to keep it as it is. However, if you notice an increase in the number of fragrance reviews ... it's only par for the course as I'm doing quite a bit more thinking about fragrance than I ever have before.

What fragrances are currently on your mind?