Friday, April 5, 2013

Like The Night Sky: Chanel Le Vernis 583 Taboo

I can't think of a high end range of nail polish I like more than Chanel. Studying my carefully edited collection of polishes reveals an over abundance of two brands: Essie, my drugstore go-to and Chanel my high end love. The iconic fashion house doesn't follow trends where shades and seasons are concerned, it sets them. In my humble opinion, 527 Nouvelle Vague and 493 Jade planted the seeds of what is now a full fledged mint obsession where polish is concerned. The shade 513 Black Pearl (though not among my personal favorites) became so popular that it was emulated across the market with imitations making appearances in the drug store under a plethora of different names.

All this is to say that the releases I anticipate the most from Chanel are their vernis. And when images and swatches of 583 Taboo began to crop up online, it was unquestionable. I knew I needed the shade. Thanks to the generosity of my lovely Mother (thank you, Mummy!) I now have the beautiful, night sky shade in my greedy little hands.

583 Taboo is among Chanel's more unique shades. The polish is at once indigo, red and purple and is filled with subtle flecks of aubergine and vermilion glitter. Those of you who dislike Chanel's infamous "invisible glitter/shimmer" (that shows up in the bottle but not on the nail) will be thrilled with Taboo as the polish retains the shimmering quality of a sunlit car finish when dried. I find that Taboo is a bit thicker than many Chanel polishes I own. Not in the sense that it's difficult to apply evenly, but rather that you need to move relatively quickly to coat your nail. Otherwise, this gem is opaque in only one coat. I personally don't experience problems with the longevity of Chanel polishes, but to be on the safe side I would certainly pair Taboo with a base and top coat of your choice.

A quality that some will find disappointing is actually one of my favorite things about 583 Taboo. In the bottle the shade appears to be a much more red based purple; however, when painted on the nail it becomes apparent that the base for the polish is actually a deep royal indigo shade. When your nails are not in the light Taboo appears to be a subtly shimmering deep purple and it is not until sunlight takes hold of the shade that the red shimmering undertones illuminate the polish like a nebula in the night sky.

In short, I'm in love with 583 Taboo as I always am when I purchase a new and unique shade from Chanel's range of nail polishes. Polish fanatics and every day lovers of lacquer alike will gravitate toward this beautiful offering evocative of the night sky. 

Have you tried Chanel's Taboo? Which upcoming Chanel polish releases are you eagerly anticipating? (I cannot wait for the three summer shades, myself!)