Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Matte as Suede: Givenchy Le Rouge in Brun Créateur

There's nothing quite like the release of a new lipstick to get the beauty blogosphere excited. We've seen it recently with the newest addition to the NARS lip pencil family, the Satin Lip Pencil (more on that later this week) and with Givenchy's recently released range, Le Rouge. Givenchy's latest lippie has arrived with as much pomp and circumstance as Lancôme's 2012 release Rouge in Love, but in a uniquely understated way that only a brand such as Givenchy could achieve.

Givenchy's Le Rouge is part chic lady in a black dress sipping a café au lait in a Parisian café, part dominatrix rocker chic in the front row of a concert. Encapsulated in a genuine leather tube festooned with one subtle silver stud beneath the name Givenchy, you are sure to make an impression and a statement pulling such a distinct lipstick out of your handbag for a touch up. Billed as a "semi-matte" lipstick, I hesitated to purchase a full size for fear it would be drying. Thanks to a generous 100 Point Perk at Sephora, I was able to try a neutral dusty rose from the new line of lippies in the shade Brun Créateur. 

 The presentation of Givenchy's samples is as classy as the full size product which truly says something about the brand's attention to detail. Alas not housed in a leather tube, the mini lipstick was packaged not unlike a gift inviting me to discover Givenchy's newest release. What I did discover pleasantly surprised me. Despite being a bit nervous that Brun Créateur would be a bit "90's brown," I was thrilled to discover a dusty rose hiding behind a misleading name. The shade is a perfect neutral pink that serves as an excellent introduction to the lipstick range ... though Carmin Escarpin is the shade that is really calling my name.

As you can see, the texture is far from "matte" in the traditional sense. I struggle with quite sensitive lips and can often determine whether a lipstick will be comfortable or drying within five minutes of application. The finish of Givenchy's Le Rouge lipsticks is more like that of the leather that covers the tube of lipstick than a true matte lip product. I find this finish to be a happy medium between glossy and traditional matte and had no problems wearing Brun Créateur for hours. Givenchy certainly offers a more approachable way to wear the matte lip trend particularly if you suffer from dry lips as I do.

Givenchy has created a lipstick that lives somewhere in a mysterious grey area of contradiction. A rocker chic lipstick that would look as at home in the purse of a refined fashionista as it would in the purse of a tattooed lipstick lover, Le Rouge is at once matte and glossy. Though I have enough lipsticks for an army I would be inclined to purchase a full size from this range as it offers the perfect matte finish for those of us who wouldn't typically touch a matte finish lip product with a ten foot pole. Givenchy's Le Rouge lipsticks retail for USD $36: an unquestionably non-budget friendly price, but comfortable at home amongst its fellow high end lip products.

Have you tried Givenchy's latest release, Le Rouge lipsticks? Which color from the range appeals to you the most?