Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Like the Waters off a Tropical Shore: Chanel Le Vernis 657 Azuré

As I mentioned in my review of a polish that I now simply refer to as "my precious" (Chanel 583 Taboo, here), there is no other polish brand that gets me quite as excited as Chanel. Spawning full fledged color trends and countless drugstore imitations, I anticipate each and every collection and find myself without fail walking away with at least one per release. The Summer 2013 collection is certainly no different, and though I still feel called to 667 Bel-Argus, the shade that most captured my attention (and the attention of polish lovers everywhere) was 657 Azuré.

Just as Taboo quite literally looks like the night sky with all its mysteries contained within one bottle, Azuré emulates the pristine and shimmering turquoise waters of a tropical beach. Courting the light, this versatile and incredibly shiny shimmer polish verges on metallic and begs to be worn on hot summer nights.

Chanel's infamous "invisible glitter/shimmer" (that shows up in the bottle but not on the nail) is not a problem in Azuré. Silver, turquoise and indigo shimmer appear suspended as if by magic to create an incredibly unique metallic blue that is nearly reflective. Far more runny than Taboo, Azuré approaches opacity in one coat but reaches its full shimmery potential at two. I do not have a problem with the wear time of Chanel polishes, but as always I would recommend that you pair this polish with your favorite base and top coat to be certain it lasts as long as possible.

Once Azuré has dried on the nails in normal lighting conditions, the shade appears exactly as it does in the bottle (a huge plus in my book as that is often my only disappointment where Chanel's vernis are concerned). However, in low light or when viewed at an angle a magical indigo cast appears.

I'm head over heels for this perfect summer shade and cannot wait to pair 657 Azuré with warm nights and long days at the beach, though any day is a good day for a Chanel polish! Azuré seems to be the most popular of the Summer 2013 collection, so be sure to snap this shade up quickly if it tickles your fancy as Azuré, Bel-Argus and Lilis are limited edition.

Have you tried Chanel's Azuré? Which shade from the summer collection was your favorite?

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