Sunday, May 19, 2013

Seven Things Sunday

After enjoying the first truly summery Sunday of the year, I'm enjoying sitting back with an iced tea (no sugar!) and reflecting on my current non-beauty favorites. It's no secret that I often wish Getting Cheeky had a bit more breadth, so these Seven Things Sunday posts offer the perfect forum for me to ramble about all things from cooking to clothing! Here I sit once again, typing out yet another list of items I'm loving, liking or (very rarely) disliking. 

One. Sirop de Violette, a success!
After reading this post on one of my favorite fragrance blogs, Bois de Jasmin, I knew I had to make violet syrup out of the thousands that grow in our yard each year. I spent a considerable period of time on Saturday harvesting hundreds of violets, then separating the petals from the green area where the flower meets the stem. After steeping the flowers for twenty-four hours, I strained out the petals and mixed sugar into the liquid over a double boiler. The result is an incredibly beautiful syrup colored not unlike Serge Lutens De Profundis, perfect for desserts and cocktails aplenty!

Two. Warm weather ... and the clothes that accompany it.
I've long said that I'm an "in between" girl where temperate and style are concerned. I love layering, but like almost everyone else I dislike how bulky clothing grows during the winter ... particularly in my arctic climate! I'm therefore thrilled to report that warm weather has finally arrived where I am. I can layer to my hearts content, pairing dresses with my leather jacket among other favorite combinations!

Three. Mr. Selfridge
It's been weeks since the new show Mr. Selfridge premiered, and each week I fall more in love. From the plot, to the retail history involved I believe I may like Mr. Selfridge even more than Downton Abbey ... shock, horror. I can't help but associate with and utterly adore Miss. Towler, though the conniving and subtly powerful Lady May is also a favorite. Have I mentioned that I adore the many shots of perfume?

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Four. A trip to IKEA
IKEA is a bit of a drive from where I live, so making the trip is always a greatly anticipated event for my husband and I. My sister is moving into her very own place in a few weeks, so we volunteered to take her on her very first trip to IKEA. As much of a cliché that it now is, there's nothing more fun and inspiring than picking out fun new pieces there.

Five. The new A Beautiful Mess app!
I absolutely adore the blog A Beautiful Mess, so when Elsie and Emma announced that they'd created a photo editing app for iPhone I counted down the moments until it was released. Full of characteristic A Beautiful Mess style, easy to use and completely compatible with Instagram (my addiction) this app has fast become a new favorite!

Six. Quality over quantity. 
For months my wish list has been nonexistent at best. Though I've had a few passing fancies (I still think I'd like a Guerlain bronzer and Kevyn Aucoin's Celestial Powder in Candlelight) I have neither purchased unnecessary makeup nor have I wanted to. This month, though, I did treat myself to two quite extravagant non-makeup items that made not splurging on silly little things just make sense. Do you hear that swish? It's the sound of me turning a new leaf.

Seven. A few wonderful blog posts as always ... 
As a budding perfume-ista, I can't help but gravitate to Charleston Girl's post about new fragrances on her blog, Best Things in Beauty
This post about lilacs on Paris in Four Months makes me miss visiting French markets on Sunday mornings.
Have I mentioned how much I love French fashion blogger Hello It's Valentine? This outfit is an inspiration to me, as are all the looks she posts!

What are your seven things this Sunday?

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