Friday, May 31, 2013

The Jo Loves Series No 3: Gardenia

*This post contains PR samples.
As I mentioned in my first installment of the "Jo Loves Series," I was contacted by Jo Loves, Jo Malone's new fragrance venture launched in the autumn of 2011. The full array of perfumes that Jo has created under the moniker Jo Loves thus far were sent to me in sample form. Since then I have been spritzing and sniffing, enjoying the sassy and raw new Jo Malone revealed in these perfumes.

I was inspired by each and every one of the samples I was sent though I'd initially only planned to review one. Indeed all of these perfumes have spoken to me even though I cannot necessarily picture myself wearing all of them. If you're interested in other installments of this series, feel free to read about the spicy/citrus that I dubbed a "vacation in a bottle," Pomelo (here) and the celebration of all things orange, Orange Tulle (here). This week's Jo Loves fragrance that seems perfectly suited to the weather is Gardenia, a bright and decadent floral that speaks of feminine confidence and daring.

Jo Loves Gardenia blooms on the skin with an instantly recognizable gardenia note coupled with subtle Italian bergamot. Though there is certainly a "creaminess" to this white floral scent, it's also incredibly green which prevents Gardenia from becoming overpowering. At the heart of this perfume ylang ylang, white narcissus and jasmine peer out from around the monolithic gardenia note giving it shape and personality. Closing upon musk as many fragrances do, Gardenia ends both its sillage and its time against the skin much as the smell of flowers seems to become more pronounced yet suggestive as dusk becomes night. The fragrance of the gardenia flower is still present, though muted and coupled with the kind of sensual "skin smell" musk that renders it romantic.

Of her creation Jo Malone says the following: "Gardenia is rich and regal. This fragrance walks into a room and stands out in the crowd. You can instantly feel the creaminess of the petal and the distinctive floral note which evokes memories of beautiful Hawaiian summer days as well as hints of a winter evening. Gardenia is so identifiable and distinguished in character and I wear it when I want to feel a sense of confidence and pride.

I must admit that I'm incredibly finicky where gardenia scented perfumes are concerned. Though I don't associate age with perfume, I do have a very specific idea of how I want something to smell or develop against my skin. If it doesn't live up to those standards it's out. For this reason in the infant stages of my limited yet varied fragrance sniffing "career," I have grown attached to very few gardenia scents. Jo Loves Gardenia is among that group. Where others overpower and seem to scream "GARDENIA" rather than whisper suggestively, Jo Malone's impression is seductive and melded with other florals that add complexity. If you're uncertain about gardenia scented perfumes this may be a good introduction.

As a final note I would like to add that I am well aware that the flower in my post is not a gardenia. Sadly just when I needed them I could find none locally. Miss. Peony White would like to add that she enjoyed masquerading as a gardenia for our photo shoot, and that I was fully apprised of her true identity long before photographs were taken. 

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*This post contains items that were provided by PR for consideration. The ideas and opinions expressed are my own. Do not hesitate to reference my policies in the event that you have any questions.