Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Bohemian Spirit for Summer with LUSH's Gorilla Perfume

*This post contains PR samples.
How do you think of perfume? Do you aspire to follow the trends where notes are concerned, or would you rather strike out on your own seeking the most unique fragrance or combination available? No matter what your views may be, LUSH vows to change your perceptions with their new range of Gorilla Perfumes. Inspired by all things from art to music, people and stories these fragrances have been introduced as "an antidote to boring, mass-market scents, and a movement to get people excited about good quality fragrance." Indeed, if mass market, or "mainstream," perfumes can be described as pop music, and niche fragrances as indie artists than the new Gorilla range of scents offered by LUSH could be compared to the inspired and free spirited feeling of 1969's Woodstock. 

Whether or not such revolutionary views of fragrance appeal to you, there is something undeniably refreshing about LUSH's take on their Gorilla range. Some estimate that as many as 1,000 new perfumes are launched each year. Although a fair number of these fragrances are incredible works of art, others are more a part of a machine rather than an artistic impulse and smell as such. Marketed with art seemingly inspired by vintage music posters and their unique nature alone, these fragrances stand out from the crowd. Just in time for the hot, bohemian summer months I was lucky enough to receive two such singular fragrances from the Gorilla line: Sun and Euphoria. 

Created by LUSH co-founder Mark Constantine in the depths of winter, Sun is an illuminating homage to all things citrus. Boasting a straightforward list of three notes—Brazilian orange oil, mimosa absolute and sandalwood—this electric and uplifting scent is the perfume equivalent of vitamin C. Redolent of sunshine, sun kissed skin and citrus juices squeezed fresh off the tree I cannot fathom not feeling cheerful and warm when wearing this fragrance. Though I do miss the complexity of a more lengthy list of notes, Sun's simplicity lends itself to mixing. I took a suggestion I discovered while browsing LUSH's website recommending the combination of Sun with another treasured LUSH fragrance, Karma. The blend is summery perfection as it furthers the bohemian vibe of Sun and prolongs the wear time of the Gorilla Fragrance for although it is lovely it is as fleeting on my skin as the sun peeking out from behind a summer rain cloud (three to four hours). 

Inspired by the principles of aromatherapy, Mark Constantine's Euphoria is a perfume that aims to bottle the feeling of a rush of joy. Euphoria pairs clary sage, rose, lime, grapefruit and neroli for a fragrance experience that aspires to put a smile on your face. The initial burst of Euphoria is that of an herbal citrus not unlike lemongrass. Much as a stick of incense flares red and then subdues to a small, smoking ember so too does Euphoria. Bitter citrus pairs with the impression of incense to further the relaxing, spa inspired vibe of this fragrance. The final impression Euphoria leaves with me before fading from a grin to a subtle smile is that of rain dampened roses and soil. This fragrance is bright but somber not unlike the feeling of observing a summer sunset. Like Sun, it does not last above four hours on my skin though this is common with many natural fragrances. 

The bohemian feeling of the hot summer months has begun in earnest, and the combination of Sun and Euphoria seems perfectly suited to the season. Both soaringly uplifting in their own unique way, these fragrances celebrate the ingredients that make them what they are without pretense. While the former seeks to capture rays of sunlight through lively citrus notes and the spark of a zesty orange peel, the latter recreates the somber meditative experience of joy and feels like watching twilight fall on a summer evening.

Have you tried LUSH's range of Gorilla Perfumes? Which unique scent from the range has captured your attention?

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