Friday, June 21, 2013

Beauty Retrospective: The Most Important Thing I've Learned

This post has been a long time coming. Initially I wanted to post photographs of myself through high school and college and have a chuckle at how my makeup "style" has changed (for the better I can only hope). But once I thought about appearances over the years, I couldn't help but think about lessons I've learned. And suddenly this post took on a far more important tone. Indeed having a beauty blog is wonderful, but all too often I feel as though I am talking about material things without really saying what I want to say. That you all are beautiful, that lipstick is fun but not necessary, that you should embrace who you are. 

I have been thinking for months about how to phrase what I have to say in such a way that will not seem "preachy," in a way that will not seem as though I am setting out a decree as to the way things should be done or seen. Far from it. I have always loved makeup, yes, and like almost every girl I have passed through various phases of experimentation. Though this spirit of experimentation has never faded from my personality, I have settled into a routine that most fits with who I am. And I suppose that is all I truly want to say. 

I am aware that I have readers in all age groups, and though this is something I hope we all took to heart sooner rather than later one is never too old to hear it. So rather than ramble I want to say something very simple to all of you and to myself. To my teenage readers and to my teenage self. It does not matter what "everyone" is wearing, how they do their makeup or style their hair. It does not matter what your boyfriend thinks, you do not have to style yourself after him. You are you, you are unique and you are wonderful. Beauty is far more than makeup: it is inner beauty, it is confidence, it is valuing yourself. No matter what you do, how much you weigh, what kind of eyeliner you wear "no one is youer than you." Loving that you is what true beauty is.

Have a wonderful weekend, and be sure to tell someone you love how beautiful she is ... on the outside AND the inside. 

(For a little comic relief let me just tell you that the number of selfies I have as a result of being a part of the "Myspace" generation is a bit embarrassing. My children will have comic fodder for their entire lives.)