Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cheeky Checklist: June 2013

My very first post on this blog was January's Cheeky Checklist (a post that now makes the improvement in my photography and blogging skills evident), my version of a monthly favorites list that I post closer to the middle of the month to avoid the deluge of favorites that occur at the end of one month and the beginning of the next.

Perhaps I'm responding to a general trend or forging my own new tastes. Whatever the case may be my foremost favorite for the month of June is fig, fig, fig. From fig leaf shaped jewelry to hand soap (and who could forget the famous Diptyque fragrance Philosykos?) I haven't been able to get enough! I find the coconut laced fragrance of fresh figs incredibly refreshing and suited to stiflingly hot days. 

Though I repaint my nails every few days I've recently turned to a more low maintenance option due to a busy schedule. I find that metallic shades (at least on my nails) are often more durable and long lasting. There is no color better suited to the beginning of summer months than the beachy, illuminated rose gold shimmer that has been popular for several years. Though Orly's much adored Rage is my unquestionable favorite, I have more than a couple of renditions of the popular shimmery hue in my polish collection. 

(Left to right): Orly Rage, Chanel 607 Delight, Essie Penny Talk

Summer is synonymous with less eye makeup for me, meaning that I often cast off the thick winged cat eyes I wear almost every day of the year in favor of a more illuminated look. Throughout the conclusion of May and the beginning of June I have been aiming to focus on bright peepers, wearing illuminating concealers, eye shadows and mascara that exaggerates the size and volume of my lashes.

(Clockwise from top right): Bare Minerals Nude Beach Eye Shadow, YSL Le Touche Éclat, NARS Rue Bonaparte Larger Than Life Liner, Guerlain "Cils d'Enfer" Maxi Lash Mascara

Though I own many variations of YSL's famous Rouge Volupté lipsticks from Perle to Shine, I seem to gravitate to similar colors from the range. I almost always find myself purchasing these lipsticks during the summer months, which likely explains the plethora of bright and fruity shades that I have accumulated and love to wear during the sizzling summer months.

(Left to right): Rouge Volupté Perle #110 Orange Incandescent, Rouge Volupté #27 Rose Paris, Rouge Volupté Shine #12 Corail Incandescent, Rouge Volupté Sheer Candy #02 Dewy Papaya 

What items made your must have list this month?