Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Guerlain "Cils d'Enfer" Maxi Lash Mascara

Many months ago I received a sample of Guerlain's latest mascara offering, Maxi Lash also known as "Cils d'Enfer," and loved it immediately. The name however made me chuckle: though it literally translates to "lashes from hell" the name holds the same connotation as saying something along the lines of "bitchin' lashes." Really? "Bitchin' lashes" from Guerlain? I certainly don't have problems with a well placed swear (if you knew me in person this would be more than verified), but I associate the brand with understated elegance ... so much so that the name of the mascara is about as jarring and incongruous as it would be to hear "girl your lashes look bitchin'' from the mouth of the Queen of England.

Enough said about the silly name. Whatever the moniker may be, this mascara is incredible. Plain and simple. Though I'm not one to believe in the mumbo jumbo that surrounds mascara marketing, Guerlain describes Maxi Lash as "the mascara that creates just the right volume in the blink of an eye for a look that instantly captivates." Where others boast with empty lash laden hyperbole, Guerlain delivers: this mascara gives the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes in just one coat.

Though I find Guerlain's Maxi Lash Mascara reasonably lengthening, this is a volume boosting lash product through and through. If you prefer the best of both length and volume you may desire to layer this with a mascara aimed at coaxing your lashes to their ultimate length, but in terms of full and thick looking lashes Maxi Lash does the trick on its own. I unquestionably prefer a mascara that gives my lashes the thick, full, blackest black look in a coat or two to one that lengthens and Guerlain delivers. For fragrance sensitive mascara lovers, it is worth noting that there is an unusual but not unpleasant scent that accompanies the application of this product (a little fruity) that dissipates almost immediately and does not irritate my eyes.

There is no arguing that Guerlain's "Cils d'Enfer" Maxi Lash is a high end mascara at $30 a tube. However, I adhere to a strict "one tube of mascara at a time" rule that prevents me from outlandish and unfaithful experimentation. For this reason I not only eagerly anticipate any upcoming mascara purchases on the horizon, but also feel justified in spending $30 on one tube. Maxi Lash may be my "go to" for the next few purchases, though, as it gives me a thick black "false" lash coat in one swipe. Perhaps there really is something to the name ... upon reflection my lashes do look bitchin'!

Have you tried Guerlain's "Cils d'Enfer" Maxi Lash Mascara?