Sunday, June 23, 2013

I've Got the Blues

From what I understand blue is the most popular color in the world. Some researchers estimate that as much as 40% of the world's population asserts that blue is their favorite color. A little critical analysis of our surroundings makes this a logical choice. Blue is the color of our sky and (at least hopefully) of our water. Many shades of blue can have a noticeably relaxing effect and the color has been used to represent all things from a loyal character to aristocratic or royal standing. 

I'm sure that this psychological logic did not extend to my nail polish purchasing habits; however, it would be hard not to notice the hue that dominates my collection. From light powder shades to turquoise, mint, cerulean and cobalt it is blue that I turn to the most. I find that it compliments almost all skin tones to perfection and seems suitable and equally at home on the nails during cold weather as it does during the heat of the summer. 

(Left to right): Nails Inc. Baker Street, Essie Butler Please, Revlon Royal, Barry M Indigo, Face Stockholm Mood Ring

(Left to right): Essie Bikini So Teeny, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Mavala Cyclades Blue, Sally Hansen Barracuda, OPI I Don't Give a Rotterdam, Essie Bangle Jangle 

After carefully arranging and subsequently editing these photographs I discovered yet more blue polishes of varying hues that I had missed in my collection. Though another shade of blue is likely the last thing I need I just cannot resist a unique shade ... despite my best efforts.

Which shade of blue do you most like to wear as nail polish? Is there a favorite blue nail polish color that you would recommend?