Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Le Métier de Beauté is Inspired By Literature: Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

*This post contains PR samples.
I'm sure readers of Getting Cheeky are no strangers to the fact that I cannot resist anything associated with literature, hence the Inspired By Literature series. So it follows that when Le Métier de Beauté announced that their summer Kaleidoscope Eye Kit would be named Summer Night's Dream* I could not contain my excitement. Though this palette (that is as much of a work of art as the shadows within) is inspired by seductive and smoldering eyes and exclusive to Manhattan, I cannot help but feel as though the hazy shades would be equally at home on the eyes of the band of fairies hidden in the woods imagined by Shakespeare in A Midsummer Night's Dream

Le Métier de Beauté's interpretation of a Summer Night's Dream involves "four inviting hues from opaque and subdued to Cimmerian and sheen. Combining together, eyes are left lush and dreamy." Available exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman starting this Friday, June 7th, this Kaleidoscope Eye Kit has been released in limited quantities that are (in my experience) as fleeting as a Summer Night's Dream. Le Métier has informed me that anyone interested in purchasing that cannot visit Bergdorf Goodman in person can feel free to call 212-872-8612.

Summer Night's Dream is composed of four colors perfect for creating a fairly like smoldering eye. Clockwise from top left the palette includes four shades with names that pay homage to Shakespeare's characters and setting ...
Midsummer, a silk ivory with opaque pink finish.
Fairyland, a chrome metal flecked with silver.
Love-In-Idleness, a dark stormy blue.
Athenians, a red bronzed copper.

As I've said before, Le Métier de Beauté's products—particularly their eye shadows—are far more akin to art supplies than they are to cosmetics. The pigments blend seamlessly to create entirely new colors when layered, a process Le Métier refers to as Couches de Couleur ("layers of color" in French). It is this layering of such hazy, oneiric shades that truly gives Summer Night's Dream it's Midsummer Night's Dream vibe. Equally suited to wear during the daylight hours, this palette enables you to become Shakespeare's Titania with just a few more Couches de Couleur. 

(Left to right): Midsummer, Fairyland, Athenians and Love-In-Idleness

And simply because I cannot resist the opportunity to draw more parallels between literature and cosmetics, I thought I would continue what the brand began and feature some of my favorite Le Métier de Beauté products along side some of my Shakespearean favorites. Though not colors Shakespeare would have used himself when penning plays and poems that have become classics the world over, Le Métier de Beauté's Indelible Link Liners are reminiscent of the indelible mark left on society by Shakespeare's works. As permanent on the eyes as the poignant words of Shakespeare are in the mind, these remain my all time favorite liquid liners.

(Left to right): Le Métier de Beauté Castalia* and Artemis* Indelible Ink Liquid Liners (original review HERE)

My favorite glossy red Lip Crème, Red Velvet, seems created to be paired with The Taming of the Shrew. Though I choose to believe Shakespeare was making a point about the perception of women in this work, I'm reticent to embrace it fully because I simply dislike the misogynistic undertones. Nevertheless, a bold red lip seems emblematic of a woman willing to defy societal expectations and be herself. I'm hard pressed to imagine Katherina (the "shrew" the title speaks of) actually wearing such a lip, though I imagine she would wear nothing else if she were a modern woman.

Le Métier de Beauté Red Velvet Lip Crème (original review HERE)

Shakespeare's sonnets are far and away my favorite pieces of writing by the prolific 16th century playwright. I have a particular place in my heart for Sonnet 130 which addresses beauty ideals contemporary to Shakespeare. I'm sure that bronzed skin, taupe shaded eyes and petal pink lips (read: anything that's not natural) don't fit within 16th century notions of beauty, but the products below are unquestionably as rare in their high quality "as any [they] belied with false compare."

(Top to bottom): Le Métier de Beauté Sunkissed* Bronzer (original review HERE), Corinthian Eye Shadow (original but very old review HERE) and Two Lips Lip Crème (original review HERE).

What is your favorite work by William Shakespeare? Will you be jumping at the opportunity to purchase Le Métier de Beauté's Summer Night's Dream, so aptly named after the famous playwright's work? When Le Métier says that these Kaleidoscope Eye Kits are available in limited quantities, they mean it: if you are interested be sure to call Bergdorf Goodman (212-872-8612on Friday, June 7th.

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