Sunday, June 9, 2013

Seven Things Sunday

Like almost all two day weekends when one works full time, this one seems to have passed at an unfairly fast rate. Though I've spent most of the day luxuriating in the ability to do little to nothing, I'm still unprepared for the onslaught of stress that Monday morning brings. Rather than snap extensive pictures for a more high maintenance post, I thought I would indulge the feeling of a lazy Sunday afternoon with another Seven Things Sunday post. As many of you now know (these posts have become unexpectedly popular), this series is meant to serve as a list of items or subjects I'm loving, liking or (very rarely) disliking.

One. The Bead and Button Show. 
I'm a bit of a DIY lover, and I always have been ... even before "DIY" was the thing. So it follows that one of my favorite events to attend with my mother at this time of year is The Bead and Button Show. It's huge. I mean an entire convention hall full of beads, buttons, and general cute trinkets that can't be found elsewhere huge. Some of my most unique and treasured pieces of jewelry have been purchased and subsequently made after a trip to the the Bead and Button Show, and this year was no exception!

Two. Freshly planted peonies!
After enduring nearly six months of winter complete with absurd amounts of snow and plummeting temperatures, spring and summer are eagerly anticipated seasons ... however long they may take to arrive. Though I'm not much of a gardener, my husband and I love the annual beauty that the blooming perennial flowers surrounding our house bring. We're on a mission to make our back yard a more inviting place to spend time and just planted three beautiful peony plants in a particularly forlorn area behind the house. Some are already blooming! It's breathtaking to have living bouquets just outside the window.

Three. A revamped office that I want to spend time in.
Mr. Cheeky and I have just switched two of our upstairs rooms. The space that was an office is now a guest bedroom, and the space that was an unloved and half done guest bedroom is now an office. Though it's not 100% complete (we still need to purchase an arm chair and a rug) I love how it's come together. We've moved many of our books (three of eight book shelves) into the space already to give it a library vibe. I've been working on Getting Cheeky in this newly revamped room as well as reading there. It's quiet and incredibly relaxing! 

Four. The Perfume Lover.  
I adore Denyse Beaulieu's blog Grain de Musc, so it follows that I am madly in love with her book The Perfume Lover. The best non-fiction reads like a novel, and this is the tone that Denyse Beaulieu has set in her book. I'm only a quarter of a way through, so I don't want to speak too much about it except to say that is engaging and an definite must read for anyone who loves perfume ... however much or little! 

Five. New recipes for a new season.
One of the best parts of a new season is enjoying different seasonal dishes that are more appropriate to the food that is fresh and the temperature outside. I'm having so much fun making summery dishes that I cannot wait for the weather to get even warmer to experiment further. This evening I made home made fried pickles (success!) and a "grilled cheese" of sorts with mozzarella, goat cheese, green goddess pesto, avocado and spinach on pumpernickel. What are your favorite seasonal meals to make? 

Six. A fragrance splurge on LuckyScent.
I sort of took a dive off the deep end with fragrance, right? It's in my nature to become fascinated with something and absorb as much information (sensory and otherwise) as I possibly can within a short period of time. Scent goes beyond a subject though: it's captivating. I've been managing to keep myself in check, but I may have placed an order for a top item on my wish list with Lucky Scent.

Seven. A few wonderful blog posts as always ...
I adore this personal post about Paris serving as a school of life on one of my favorite blogs, Will She Love Paris? The words are inspiring, and remind me of my time studying there. Paris continues to be and always will be my dream.
I'm fascinated by this classy, unique and unquestionably creative take on jello shots featured on A Beautiful Mess. I can't wait for it to get a bit warmer here (when?!) so I can try the recipe myself!
How could you not love The Beauty Look Book's new blog, Styled Notes? The first few installments have been visually stunning which has me eagerly awaiting new posts!

What are your seven things this Sunday?