Friday, June 7, 2013

The Jo Loves Series No 4: The "Tropical" Fragrances

*This post contains PR samples.
No post could be more perfect at the beginning of June than another installment of Getting Cheeky's "Jo Loves Series," this time about some of the brands more "tropical" fragrances. If you're curious about how I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Jo Malone's new venture, or interested in other installments of this series feel free to read about the spicy/citrus that I dubbed a "vacation in a bottle," Pomelo (here), the celebration of all things orange, Orange Tulle (here) and the perfectly executed Gardenia (here). 

This tropical collection of fragrances fits more into the category of perfumes that I would not wear myself, but appreciate and enjoy due to their straightforward and well executed simplicity. Each reminds me of some aspect of a Caribbean island in a bottle: Mango Nectar an incredibly accurate portrayal of the freshly sliced juicy fruit, A Shot of Oud Over Mango a fascinatingly thought provoking combination that exudes heat and Green Orange and Coriander an androgynous perfume (though all perfumes are, really) that reminds me of classic men's colognes such as Royall Lime.

Mango Nectar is for all intents and purposes a big slice of mango in a bottle. This juicy perfume nearly makes your mouth water as it opens with an appealing blend of bitter orange, grapefruit and bold mango. Apricot blossom softens the juicy blast of the tropical fruit and accompanies the main note throughout the duration of its wear time against the skin until it softens into musk with a hint of jasmine. Much like Orange Tulle, Mango Nectar is a reminder of Jo Malone's incredible capability with fruits as it also hearkens to one of her original line's most popular scents: Nectarine Blossom and Honey.
Of her classic mango composition, Jo Malone says the following: "Mango Nectar is soft, ripe and juicy in character. Like a drop of sweet honey on your tongue, this fragrance reminds me of warm bright days and brings back memories of eating delicious mango salads alfresco in the sunshine."
A Shot of Oud Over Mango is one of the most wonderfully perplexing fragrances I've smelled on my perfume journey thus far. (Right up there with l'Artisan Parfumer's Dzing, believe it or not.) Mango is noticeably present as this perfume opens against the skin, however it's crossover to the dark side begins almost immediately with "dirty" black pepper notes. If Mango Nectar is the "good girl," this is its evil twin. A Shot of Oud Over Mango is almost a smoked mango fragrance reminiscent of torrid evenings on the beach (yes ... I went there). Though freesia is listed at the heart of this complex, hazy perfume it dives into oud wood almost immediately against my skin and stays that way for hours and hours. Deliciously naughty and unexpected, this perfume is for a girl who loves fruit fragrances ... and men falling at her feet.
Of her unusual, heady combination of oud and fruit, Jo Malone says: "I love the warm and smoky scent of Oud Wood, it's such a rare and precious ingredient; warm, aromatic and steeped in both Japanese and Middle Eastern traditions."
Last but certainly not least, Green Orange and Coriander is an incredibly nostalgic fragrance for me. I worked at an independent pharmacy for years, and as many old pharmacies do we sold classic Caribbean colognes ... the likes of which would have been popular between the 1920s and 1950s. I loved dipping my nose into the testers when the store was quiet ... I always envisioned classic movie stars such as Laurence Olivier (*swoon*) smelling of such suave colognes. Green Orange and Coriander is a modern take on these classic fragrances that would smell just as sensual and delicious on a man as it does on women. Opening with bitter orange and black pepper, at this blend's heart are notes of both coriander seed and coriander leaf that mellow into green oakmoss and tonka bean.
Of this unique, almost masculine blend Malone states: "Green Orange & Coriander is soulful and sassy.  It has a wonderfully clean smell to it and the marriage between green citrus and herb sits beautifully together and becomes very sexy.  This fragrance reminds me of Sunday brunch in New York; sitting in a hotel wearing a big roll neck cashmere sweater drinking a glass of wine in front of a log fire.  It’s incredibly comforting yet at the same time it evokes a real sense of passion and warmth."

I'm not much of a tropical fragrance girl, try as I might. I simply cannot help gravitating to indolic, sensual perfumes laden with amber, musk and incense notes. However, of the bunch it is unquestionably the beautifully simple Mango Nectar that has captured my heart. Though the obvious choice seasonally would be to douse myself in this light, summery fruit fragrance during the hottest months of the year it seems that much more magical that this perfume could bring summer to me in the depths of winter. And as for Green Orange and Coriander ... I'll be begging Mr. Cheeky to wear it!

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