Friday, June 14, 2013

The Jo Loves Series No 5: Pink Vetiver

 *This post contains PR samples.
Today's post marks the last in a line of reviews of Jo Malone's new fragrance line, Jo Loves. Inspired by each and every one of the samples I was sent to play with and spritz, whether I would wear them myself or not, I thought I would write about each as they truly all deserve their moment in the limelight. 

If you're interested in catching up with this mini-series of sorts from the beginning, feel free to read about the spicy/citrus that I dubbed a "vacation in a bottle," Pomelo (here) the celebration of all things orange, Orange Tulle (here), a perfectly executed Gardenia (here) and a series of incredibly summery "tropical" fragrances (here). This week's Jo Loves fragrance, and the final perfume that I will be writing about as a part of this series, is my favorite of the bunch. Indeed, I've saved what I consider to be the best for last ... the wonderfully artistic (literally) Pink Vetiver.

Vetiver can be a galvanizing note: in my experience it seems that people either love it in their fragrance or hate it. I belong to the former category. A root native to India, this note has the wonderful quality of making perfumes either smell of romanticized pencil shavings and pink erasers or a wood paneled room in the 19th century. Jo Malone's interpretation of vetiver is decidedly in the first group: it's sweet yet woody aroma reminds me of walking through my favorite art supply store as the late afternoon sun makes the wooden pencils glow. The fragrance opens with a blend of pink peppercorns (hence the pink in the moniker), juniper and cardamom a deliciously spicy combination that only adds to the complexity of the vetiver's presence. At this perfume's heart nutmeg, ginger and angelica give it a slightly culinary edge that I would not go so far as to call gourmand. Rather, it's somewhat evocative of the sweeter portion of the spice cabinet. Finally vetiver which has been present behind these notes all along and amber (my favorite!) become most prominent against the skin and stay there for hours.

Of her creation Jo Malone says the following: "Inspired to create a new interpretation of classic Vetiver, I've thrown in Pink Crushed Peppercorns instantly injecting a shot of color, vibrancy and a fresh cologne-like spice note; sweet, sharp and contemporary. Laced with a blend of warm, earthy notes, Pink Vetiver is instantly addictive and utterly intoxicating."

Pink Vetiver is incredible. It's a unique, sexy and spicy vetiver that is alluring and mysterious in its own peculiar and androgynous way. Glamour magazine wasn't kidding when they said that people would stop to ask which perfume you're wearing. Though I've been spritzing this fragrance on warmer days, I cannot wait for the cool and crisp weather of autumn to truly cherish and revel in this perfume's power. Pink Vetiver reminds me of a cashmere sweater, cooking spices and the pleasure of sketching and sharpening pencils in the widow on a late autumn afternoon. It's everything I adore in a fragrance wrapped into one masterful blend and is now firmly rooted alongside my all time favorites.

*This post contains items that were provided by PR for consideration. The ideas and opinions expressed are my own. Do not hesitate to reference my policies in the event that you have any questions.