Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 Empties: Quarter II

Just as I began after the first quarter of 2013 concluded (post here), I will be sharing the second quarter's empties as somehow the first half of the year has come to a close. I resolved at the dawn of 2013 to make a habit of these posts in one way or another. Though I don't find pictures of empty products to be particularly glamorous; it's hard to deny the benefit that these posts hold. I'm motivated to finish things, rather than hoard them, and they give you a good look at the items I favor on a day-to-day basis no matter what shows up on Getting Cheeky. I wish I could call myself dedicated enough to write an empties post each month ... but my feeling of accomplishment is far greater at the end of three when a whole mountain of finished products greets my camera's eager lens.

At the conclusion of this past quarter, I was adhering to a strict "one in, one out" policy with my cosmetic and skin care purchases. Apart from necessities, I have not only succeeded in keeping with this self imposed ban but surpassed my own expectations. Perhaps it's because perfume is at the forefront of my affections at the moment, but I've purchased precious few unnecessary cosmetics in the past few months. The result? Though it may not be completely evident in this empties post, I'm finally using up makeup!

(1) Eye Makeup Remover, (1) Cream Cleanser, (1) Shampoo, (1) Facial Toner, (1) Shower Oil

(1) Balm Cleanser, (1) Skin Treatment, (1) Hair Treatment, (1) Eye Cream, (4) Skin/Hair Care Samples

(1) Mascara, (2) Mascara Samples, (1) Brow Gel, (1) Cream Shadow, (3) Eye Liners, (1) Nail Treatment

(6) Lip Balms, (1) Lipstick (Mini)

(6) Perfume Samples

As always, I don't have much to say about the collection of items above that I haven't already mentioned in reviews; however, I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Which items have you recently finished and added to your collection of empties?