Saturday, July 20, 2013

Create Your Own Thunderstorm with LUSH's The Smell of Weather Turning

 *This post contains PR samples.
One of the best parts about the heat of the midsummer is the sudden shift in winds, the change in lighting conditions as a beautiful hot summer afternoon is broken by a wildly exciting thunderstorm. This is the spirit LUSH seeks to capture in their fragrance, The Smell of Weather Turning. This perfume surprised me, not least because it was everything I didn't expect. Just like an unpredictable storm, LUSH's The Smell of Weather Turning startles your senses. 

While reading about The Smell of Weather Turning I'd formulated the impression that this would be an ozonic, windy smelling fragrance firmly based in our idea of the scent of air rather than the smell of the earth. I was wrong. To my nose, The Smell of Weather Turning is redolent of the changes wrought in the smell of greenery and earth before and after a storm rather than the sky. 

The Smell of Weather Turning opens with a combination of notes that LUSH refers to as "the calm before the storm:" an herbal and woody fragrance pervades your consciousness and is almost overpowering. This first phase of this perfume is truly reminiscent of the heavy grey, ominous darkness as the winds turn just before the clouds unleash their fury. At its heart, peppermint refreshes our senses just as the first quenching downpour of rain satiates the ground's thirsty desire for water. The Smell of Weather Turning's end is unquestionably reminiscent of the sweet smell following a storm. Notes such as oakwood, hay, beeswax, nettle, mint and chamomile serve as a relaxing and earthy tribute to the smell of weather that has turned.

Do I like it? I'm not sure. I've been wearing the solid version on and off for upwards of a month and I must say that it's unquestionably unique and truly allegorical of a summer's rain storm. Just as our human nature causes us to feel excitement and not a little fear as the sky turns dark and ominous and we sense a storm coming, so too does this perfume. The Smell of Weather Turning is exciting, confusing and somewhat frightening due to the fact that it is an entirely new experience ... a very cerebral fragrance. Perfect to take along while camping and experiencing the great out doors, LUSH's solid version of The Smell of Weather Turning will keep you guessing and reminding you of mother nature's awesome power.

Have you tried LUSH's The Smell of Weather Turning? What is your favorite solid perfume by LUSH?

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