Monday, July 8, 2013

"Honey," You Can't "Beet" These Lip Care Gems from Osmia Organics

 *This post contains PR samples.
It should come as no surprise that I cannot be labeled as anything less than a fiend for lip products. Though colored offerings like lipstick and lip gloss will always have my heart, there is no single item that I purchase more than a good lip balm. If you look at my skin care routine series, or check out my empties posts lip balm is unquestionably the number one item that I turn to. 

Even better than a good lip balm or gloss though, is a great lip balm or gloss. A lip care product that is truly good for you, and not packed with unnecessary and often unhealthy ingredients. A lip care product that not only exceeds expectations in terms of ingredients, but also in terms of performance. If such qualifications are important for you as you look for skin care to heal and protect your pout (and they should be) then look no further than Osmia Organics.

You may recall that several months back I wrote a post (here) bemoaning the fact that the perfect "beet inspired lip product" did not exist. Though I swatched many different lipsticks and glosses in my collection, everything seemed slightly too synthetic in color. Beets are magenta, but also tinged with a certain fig purple that makes the color difficult to duplicate synthetically. Fortunately for me, I no longer have to try as Osmia Organics Luster* is naturally tinted with beet and alkanet root. I've swatched the product below next to a real beet, and I'm very impressed. Not only does Luster live up to my expectations in terms of color, but it's simple list of 89% organic ingredients means that in addition to a gloss Luster is also one incredible lip treatment. I haven't left this gem at home since it arrived on my doorstep. Perfectly tinted for day to day wear with moisturizing properties, I don't have another gloss in my collection that rivals it's ability to care for my pout. 

(Left to right): Osmia Organics Luster*, Beet Juice

Being the self-proclaimed balm junkie that I am, I also squealed with delight when the brand's Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair* arrived along with Luster*. For many months during the winter I found myself treating my eczema ravaged lips with pure manuka honey, an ingredient that figures prominently in this exquisite balm. I've come to rely on this balm so much that I'm wearing it as I write, and will unquestionably repurchase when I've hit the bottom of this pot. 

The texture of Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair surprised me in the best way possible. I dislike when lip balms feel hard in the tub: even after rubbing one's finger over the product for what seems like an age little of the balm seems to transfer to the lips. I was initially concerned that this would be the case with Honey-Myrrh; however, I merely needed to "push through" the top layer so to speak and the balm softened immediately becoming incredibly emollient and just the right kind of thick. (Naturally, I missed that this process is even listed as an instruction on Osmia's website before I bumbled through it experimentally myself ...) Fans of NUXE's cult Rêve de Miel should take note, although Honey-Myrrh is not possessed of the same matte texture it is equally long lasting and moisturizing. In fact, I think I prefer Osmia's version, and that's saying something coming from a French pharmacie product devotée!

Despite the warmer weather my lips are still often in poor condition thanks to a propensity for dryness and eczema, but they have looked their best both in texture and color thanks to these gems from Osmia Organics. Whether you seek organic products as a part of your beauty purchasing criteria, or simply gravitate to well executed skin care I cannot fathom not liking either Luster or Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair.

Have you tried any products from Osmia Organics? Do you have a favorite organic lip treatment you turn to when your pout is in need of extra TLC?

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*These items were provided by PR for consideration. The ideas and opinions expressed are my own. Do not hesitate to reference my policies in the event that you have any questions.

Ingredients: wild harvested batschia canescens (alkanet) powder and beta vulgaris (beet root*)-infused ricinus communis (castor bean) oil*, beeswax*, lanolin, GMO-free vitamin E oil
Ingredients: ricinus communis (castor bean) oil*, beeswax*, cupuacu butter, lanolin, manuka honey*, calophyllum inophyllum (tamanu oil)*, GMO-free vitamine E oil, wild myrrh CO2, and FCF-free bergamot essential oil*.