Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Not Hard to Per-Suede Me: Revlon's Infamous Strawberry Suede Lipstick (Discontinued)

Although I've successfully kicked my erstwhile habit of making impulsive purchases, it's hard to ignore a truly magnificent product when I see one. It's even harder to ignore a product that is incredibly affordable despite the fact that it is discontinued. Made famous by Lisa Eldridge, and reintroduced into my imagination by Kelly of A Blog of Vain Pleasures, I couldn't get this seemingly perfect classic red off my mind. The product of question is Revlon's well loved and now discontinued lipstick in the shade Strawberry Suede. 

My perception of "classic" vintage looking reds has been forever tainted by an unpleasant experience and subsequent breakup with MAC's Ruby Woo. The shade made my lips feel like hardening clay under a burning desert sun and although touted as the ideal blue based red, did nothing for my complexion. For some reason this unpleasant memory creeps into my consciousness whenever the concept of a matte, vintage red is presented to me. I'm thrilled to report that Strawberry Suede has helped me overcome my hangups. 

Although Strawberry Suede is discontinued and no longer available at the ready in stores, it is not hard to find this lipstick for a reasonable price on Amazon or eBay (I believe I paid around USD $8). Bold as a strawberry, yet somehow tinged with a certain coral creaminess that softens one's first impression of the pop of red, Revlon's vintage inspired masterpiece is also possessed of an incredibly smooth texture that is surprisingly non-drying.

I'm fairly enamored with this creamy fool proof red that seems as at home during the tan-skinned summer as it would against my pale winter complexion. Given this discontinued favorite's versatility, and the fact that it's incredibly easy to locate online I would definitely recommend it to fellow vintage lippie aficionados. 

Have you tried any of Revlon's (now discontinued) matte lipsticks? Do you think Strawberry Suede is worth the hunt, or do you prefer another classic red?