Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Essence of a Cold Colorado Morning: Osmia Organics Juniper Fire

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It often happens at this time of year. An unseasonably chilly day, a particular smell in the air and before I know it I find myself longing for cold weather once again. Unlike many, who shiver during the winter and count down until the warmer summer weather I live for crisp and chilly afternoons, beautiful autumn sunsets and early winter evenings. So it coincides with my perennial boredom with summer and the desire for cooler temperatures that I happened to discover and fall in love with a fragrance that not only captures the essence of cold weather, but the essence of cold weather in a particular place: Colorado.

I am very fortunate in that I have family and friends around the country and one of the places I have the occasion to visit is Colorado, the native land of my father-in-law. Although quite similar to my state in some ways, Colorado's terrain and spirit are entirely unique. Beautiful jagged mountains, red rocks and sweeping colors ranging from green to blue seem painted by some magical hand. Osmia Organics Juniper Fire* is a tribute to this rugged spirit and smells exactly like a cold morning in one of my favorite states. 

Understanding the ethos of Osmia Organics is essential to understanding the magic in this bottle of perfume. "Osmia" means sense of smell, and indeed all Osmia Organics products from skin care to perfume are created with fragrance and aromatherapeutic benefits in mind. Much as I feel that perfume should be personal (though it certainly can be enjoyed by others around you), Osmia Organics believes that fragrance, "should connect with something in your brain, and take you somewhere lovely for a moment or two." The brand's founder, Sarah Villafranco, a seriously beautiful doctor with a wicked nose for fragrance takes us to her adoptive home, Colorado, in this scent that captures and celebrates all the magical wonder of a camp fire without the overpowering smokiness that outstays its welcome. Sarah recounts that Juniper Fire was created "after stepping outside [her home] on a breathlessly cold, blue-sky day with a fire burning in the fireplace." 

Juniper Fire is at once comforting and cold, best described by Villafranco as "both chilly and incredibly warm." The perfume concentrate's vanilla and sandalwood base is tinged with hint of smoke that lingers in one's consciousness like plumes still creeping off the warm embers of last night's fire. Alongside these deeper smells are crisp notes of juniper and cedar. Juniper Fire perfectly conveys the feeling of drinking coffee on a cold morning while looking out at Colorado mountains, though the warm and fuzzy fireside feeling this perfume creates would be at home in any cold climate.

My own "breathlessly cold" Colorado morning in Estes Park, circa 2009.

In the midst of summer Juniper Fire has me longing for unexpectedly cold weather, reading by the fire and of course the inspiration for the perfume itself, the beautiful state of Colorado. This fragrance is executed with the same care and attention to detail as all of Osmia Organic's products and ranks among my favorite discoveries of the year. I cannot tell you how eager I am to apply this deliciously cozy scent, pull on my favorite soft sweater and dive into a book while I watch the snow swirl outside my window.

 Juniper Fire is the ultimate winter perfume for those of you who like to snuggle by the fire and conversely the ultimate summer and fall perfume for those of you who just plain love the great outdoors.

Have you tried Osmia Organics range of natural perfumes? What is your favorite "fireside" fragrance?

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