Monday, August 12, 2013

I'll Always Put My Best Face Forward Because of Sarah Brucker

I've struggled with the idea of writing this post for a day or two, but because I owe her everything where my love of beauty is concerned I cannot gloss over the loss of an icon in my local beauty community and in the community at large: the incomparable Sarah Brucker. In 2004 Sarah opened the first beauty boutique my city had every seen, Blush (I've mentioned it on Getting Cheeky many times). It was the advent of this boutique, not department stores and not Sephora that first introduced me to high end beauty and truly shaped and encouraged the growth of my love of cosmetics, skin care and fragrance.

In recent years I have been lucky enough to get to know Sarah personally, and it is with great sadness that I must acknowledge her tragic and unexpected death this past week. Learning this news crushed me. Sarah Brucker is and has always been a role model to me. She was beautiful and stylish, yes, but more importantly she was always kind and open. Moreover, her motivation as the owner of Blush should serve as an inspiration to young female entrepreneurs everywhere. 

Sarah emphasized the importance of putting your best face forward. Rather than focusing on beauty, she wanted every woman to realize their full potential and as a makeup artist delighted in seeing them discover their own confidence and beauty. I will never forget this spirit and ability to see beauty in everyone and because of Sarah Brucker I will always put my best face forward.

You will be missed.