Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Insta-Vamp for Fall with Dior Ensorcelante

I'm going to dispense with the standard "it's no secret that I'm obsessed with autumn here at Getting Cheeky" introduction. I've been writing this blog for almost three years, and I'm sure long time readers will attest that without fail I begin to express how excited I am for fall as early as June. During any other season I'd be frustrated at how early collections are released. (Case in point: spring collections in January just after the dust has settled from the holidays). During the summer though, I often clamour for pieces from autumn collections as early as I can and eagerly begin using them when the skies turn grey and the leaves begin to fall.

I've been incredibly well behaved thus far with Fall 2013 releases, but one item that I simply couldn't ignore is Dior's beautiful gloss in Ensorcelante. This deep and shimmering plum gloss is the perfect "insta-vamp" lip color for this season, and though the weather isn't quite right (at least not yet ...) I've already been rocking a deep plum pout. 

Seemingly pulled from the pages of a September issue, Dior's Ensorcelante (meaning glamorous or bewitching in French) is the perfect deep oxblood tinged with the slightest hint of brown and purple that make the shade a true plum. Pigmented in one swipe, I'm referring to this gloss as "insta-vamp" as it provides the vampy pigmentation we all want during the autumn months without the high maintenance of a lipstick. 

Though we're still in the depths of the summer, Ensorcelante offers an irresistible taste of my autumnal palette that I just can't resist. I've been wearing Dior's autumnal masterpiece just as I intend to when the leaves begin to change: with minimal makeup elsewhere to draw the attention to my vampy lip.

Like many high pigmented, thick glosses Dior's Ensorcelante is not the easiest to apply. Patience and a steady hand will keep this pigmented beauty's color within your natural lip line for the first application rendering all following touch-ups simple swipes of the product across the lips like a traditional gloss.

Apart from the challenging initial application, I have nothing negative to say about Dior's lovely gloss formula. Believe it or not, I've never previously owned any of Dior's glosses (only their lipsticks) and thus far I've been impressed by the texture and the length of time I can comfortably wear Ensorcelante. 

Have you tried Dior's Ensorcelante? What is your favorite gloss for the coming season?