Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The New 10 Minute (Summer) Face

Who doesn't love a makeup look that you know by heart? That can easily be slapped on for maximum effect and minimum time? Naturally being the beauty junkie I am I don't exactly mean ten minutes from start to finish ... Recipes typically include prep time and cooking time, so let's just call the base makeup prep time and the "fun stuff" (shadow and lips) the cook time, shall we?

For years I've followed the same basic formula when I'm in a rush and the temperatures are high. Primer, primer, primer, thin layers of makeup and a quick cat eye. Slick on a basic gel formula blush and it was easy for me to look summery, light and keep my makeup on throughout the day in a pinch. This summer though, I've stepped outside the box a bit and have broadened my quick beat the heat makeup horizons. 

As I mentioned above last summer's 10 Minute Face was all about winged liner and gel blush (NARS Beverly Hills Multiple shown here). Though there's nothing particularly wrong with this look, I've grown tired of the same old formula after years and years of turning to products almost exactly like these on high temperature summer days. Exploration and weekend experimentation led me down a different path to a wholly unexpected summer makeup look.

A smudgy daytime smoky eye and bright lips? Last summer I wouldn't have even considered this as a possibility, but things change. Rather than fuss with eyeliner (although I have the cat eye down to a pretty exact science) I smudge on a Laura Mercier Caviar Stick (Amethyst shown here) or my beloved Guerlain Ombre Fusion creme shadow (03 Maya shown here), couple it with NARS Luxembourg Satin Lip Pencil and call it a day. 

The smoky eye is a nice twist on what I typically view as daytime appropriate hot weather makeup, and the pop of bright color is perfectly on trend this summer. Naturally this kind of go to look isn't something that I could ever have planned or predicted, it just tends to come together on its own (as though the makeup gods are guiding me to a particular morning routine).

What items have been on your list for a 10 Minute Face this summer?