Sunday, August 11, 2013

You Say You Want a Revolution?

So I've been thinking. And you don't want to get me thinking too much: I majored in Literary Criticism at university and am nearly bound by my diploma to see patterns and systems in everything. Ever since the universally loathed Google Reader switch that occurred in July, the overall number of comments on my blog seems to have decreased. It's puzzled me, and I wonder why this is. I then think about how my own habits as a consumer of blog content have changed since the switch from Google Reader to platforms such as Blog Lovin'. I now read blogs almost exclusively on Blog Lovin's website, or on my iPhone. I read and enjoy posts and quite like Blog Lovin', but what don't I do now that I did before? Comment. The very same thing that I haven't been doing is something that I miss on my own blog! Moreover, although I make a point of responding to each and every comment left on Getting Cheeky I acknowledge that I often do this too slowly (three weeks is an awful long time to leave a question hanging).

So, I propose a revolution. I will set aside thirty minutes each evening during which to respond to comments on Getting Cheeky immediately rather than letting them pile up without answers, and I will make a point to comment on at least five blog posts a day. Will you join me? Interacting with readers is my favorite part of writing a blog and I would love to see a revolution in the way we comment and in the number of comments we leave, on my own blog and on the blogs of my fellow bloggers. (It would be great if we could go one step further and eradicate unkind comments as well, but I do know that this isn't a utopia.) 

So what do you say? Are you willing to participate in what I've decided to refer to as the "Comment Revolution?"

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