Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An Afternoon Tea with Miyu Beauty

 *This post contains PR samples.
There is just something about the combination of skin care and a nice cup of hot tea that seems to exude relaxation. I often spend my Sunday afternoons lounging around the house (particularly when it's cold out), reading my favorite books with a face mask on and a large cup of tea steaming within arms reach. When I think of tea, I feel calm almost immediately. The warmth, aroma, flavor and feeling of drinking a soothing hot beverage is an incredibly nostalgic and comforting experience that is equally as good for the health of your skin as it is for your ability to relax. 

Given the fact that skin care and tea simply beg to be enjoyed simultaneously, it's incredibly exciting that newcomer Miyu Beauty has put two and two together to create skin care pairings that aim to improve the health of our skin from the outside and the inside. 

Miyu Beauty's debut collection features two pairings each containing a tea and a beauty essence, a product that Miyu describes as a revolutionary fusion between a facial mist and a serum. Entitled Hydrate Mi, pairing number one aims to improve the skin's overall hydration and create a naturally glowing, dewy complexion. The second pairing, De-Stress Mi, employs a soothing five mineral cocktail to soothe the skin and and improve natural barrier function with the ultimate goal of restoring a calm glow.

Given my skin's propensity for dryness, I've been using Miyu's Hydrate Mi* pairing and absolutely loving the results. The Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence sprays on just like your garden variety facial mist, but as far as I'm concerned that's where the similarities end. This product feels a bit more substantial on the skin than your average "brumisateur" both when it's still wet and following its absorption into your pores. At this point it becomes noticeable that this product really is a serum/facial mist hybrid. Though these Beauty Essences can be applied at any time of the day for a boost of hydration or soothing minerals, I've been using mine most regularly at the end of my cleansing routine just before applying a moisturizer. Hyrate Mi Beauty Mist smells of roses, and leaves my skin feeling incredibly hydrated.

Miyu is as thoughtful about the ingredients in their tea as the ingredients in their skin care. Each item in both tea blends has been selected for skin-enhancing benefits. The Hydrate Mi Beauty Tea is a visual delight both in the tea bag and while steeping. This combination of antioxidant rich ingredients such as rooibos, goji berries and rose petals smells and tastes sensational. It's certainly not a challenge for me to enjoy a cup of tea, and for a beauty and skin care addict like me knowing that Miyu's brings added skin care benefits makes my late afternoon cup that much more enjoyable.  

After three weeks of nightly use (and many cups of the Hydrate Mi Beauty Tea) I can confidently assert that the overall hydration and glow of my skin has noticeably improved. Since I began using the Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence the only other aspect of my skin care routine that has changed is my cleanser (more on that later). While I'm certain the cleanser contributes to my improved hydration as my new cleanser and the Beauty Essence pair beautifully, the new found glow can only be attributed to Miyu's serum/facial mist hybrid.

Tea? Well executed and rose scented skin care? Miyu Beauty had me at hello, but my admiration for this new brand has only increased as time has passed and I've had the opportunity to fall head over heels with the Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence. Factor in the adorable and girly packaging of the skin care and tea, and I can confidently say that Miyu Beauty has me seeing my skin (and the world?) through rose colored glasses!

Miyu Beauty's skin care pairings are currently available on their beautiful website. Each item can be purchased individually ($16 for the Beauty Teas and $34 for the Beauty Essences) or as a complete pairing for $42. Curious about both pairings? Miyu also offers an adorable introductory quartet with a mini Beauty Essence in each formulation and two tea bags from both pairings.

I've certainly been enjoying pampering myself with Miyu as the summer transitions into the autumn, and I cannot wait to see what impact these rosy products will have on my skin from the outside and in during the arctic winter months!

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Ingredients: Water (aqua), pentylene glycol, glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed pearl protein, camellia sinensis leaf extract, paeonia albiflora root extract, hydrolyzed voila tricolor extract, rose centifolia flower extract, lycium chinese fruit extract, garcinia mangostana peel extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder, sodium PCA, panthenol, leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate, proline, serine, glycine, glutamic acid, lysine, alanine, arginine, threonine, sorbitol, caprylic/capric triglyceride, phenoxyethanol, betaine, polysorbate 20, disodium EDTA, ethylhexylglycerin