Tuesday, September 3, 2013

An Overlooked Gem: Bobbi Brown's Day to Night Warm Eye Palette

Fellow bloggers have been raving about Bobbi Brown's beautiful Rich Chocolate Eye Palette which immediately caught my attention. However, when I began to contemplate purchasing the decadent selection of seven eye coco toned eye shadows I remembered a very similar overlooked palette in my own collection that's done nothing but gather dust for over a year (... oops). 

The Day to Night Warm Eye Palette featured prominently in Bobbi Brown's Christmas 2010 collection, and was at the top of my holiday wish list that year. I hadn't yet started writing Getting Cheeky, but I had already began to develop the "it's too pretty to use" tendencies that often cause me to neurotically look over treasured favorites in my collection to this day. I received the Day to Night Warm Eye Palette as a gift from my generous Aunt, and after forcing myself to tarnish the pristine beauty of the new shadows used it quite a bit that winter. Naturally, as we beauty bloggers (and beauty lovers) are wont to do I moved on to other things and this perfect neutral palette languished in my collection. 

What first attracted me to the  Day to Night Warm Eye Palette before I'd even seen the colors within was the beautiful golden Bobbi Brown logo printed on the black palette itself. I'm a sucker for a classic looking crest, and I adored the antique meets modern look that the golden insignia creates. Though this Autumn's palette is embossed only with the brand's signature white "Bobbi Brown" it's equally as sleek and easy to slip in your on the go makeup bag, the trait about my own palette that ultimately caused me to pull this beauty out a week ago while packing very light for a weekend trip to Arizona.

Upon using the shadows in the Day to Night Warm Eye Palette I was immediately reminded of why I fell in love in the first plate. Despite my love of makeup I'm really a one trick pony where eye shadows are concerned, and this beautiful collection of rich browns is right up my alley. I find that the true test of a palette is its ability to stand alone, and during the course of this past weekend I created an array of looks from light to smoky and quite literally used Bobbi Brown's beautiful creation to take my look from day to night without the aid of a single auxiliary shadow.

(Left to right): Ivory, Oat, Espresso, Burnt Sugar, Velvet Bronze, Black Plum

I tend to avoid writing about products that are no longer widely available as it just seems a bit unfair, but given the Day to Night Warm Eye Palette's similarity to Bobbi Brown's Autumn 2013 release, Rich Chocolate, I feel a bit less guilty featuring my rediscovery. I'm thrilled to have uncovered this collection of six classic Bobbi Brown shades in my collection which more than makes up for my disappointment in missing out on the unquestionably stunning Rich Chocolate.

Do you own either Bobbi Brown palette (Day to Night Warm Eye Palette or Rich Chocolate)? Have you recently rediscovered an overlooked gem in your collection?