Friday, October 18, 2013

Brow Envy: Frida Kahlo

From the beginning of the "brow envy" series, I've focused on traditional brow shapes and traditional subjects. Whether their respective brow shapes are currently in vogue or not, Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor and even Fran├žoise Hardy are all beautiful, yet predictable. I thought I'd change the course of things this month, as I do have a brow idol that represents the antithesis of what might be considered "good" brows. This idol is the incomparable Frida Kahlo.

Conventional or not, I'm fairly certain there is no denying that Frida Kahlo was absolutely gorgeous. To me, her beauty was enhanced by a fierce commitment to her own identity. Kahlo was unquestionably Kahlo, a nearly undefinable quality that is noticeable in her artwork as much as in her personal style. 

(image source)

Despite the very unkempt state of her brows, Frida Kahlo was essentially the pioneer of a brow look that modern celebrities such as Carla Delevingne have made popular. Kahlo mastered the natural, full brow and even wore cosmetics that are now incredibly popular: very little eye makeup, beautiful arched eyebrows, a pop of color on the cheeks and bold red lips. If she were any less recognizable some of the photographs of Kahlo could be mistaken for shots in today's fashion magazines.

Frida Kahlo's brows were entirely her own. Rather than bend to expectations and the look that was "en vogue" she remained committed to her natural beauty and personal style, ironically creating an immediately recognizable look that will now forever be associated with her.

Are there any art icon's who have brows that you envy? What "out of the box" set of eyebrows inspires the way you style yours?