Saturday, October 5, 2013

Contemplating The Big C-H-O-P

Hair. It's not really a taboo subject here on Getting Cheeky, it's just that I have so much of it I literally have no idea what to do. Yes, I'm well aware that thick hair is a gift. The hair fairies blessed me with more than any one person needs, and I'm thankful for that ... but the downside is that it grows like a weed and can be impervious to home "styling." (By this I mean that it holds a curl so well that if I get carried away I look like a Chia Pet.) For this reason I visit my hair stylist quarterly, have a few inches lopped off and a few layers cut in and call it a day.

But ... this time that just doesn't feel like enough. I need a change. I need to feel like I have a hairstyle. I want something more chic than flowing hippie hair. Having learned from my horrible decision in high school to cut my mid back length hair off in favor of a pixie cut (I was immediately miserable with it, by the way) I need to take baby steps. And so after much research, I've decided upon the perfect hair icon: Elizabeth Olsen. Specifically in the photographs below.

Thoughts? (Because what is a beauty blog if I can't publicly air my anxieties about something as silly as a hair cut, right?) My appointment is in a couple of weeks and I require adequate time to prepare myself mentally for the change.