Sunday, October 20, 2013

Feeling "Pin"-spired

Everyone knows that Pinterest can be a procrastinator's best friend. But the same website that enables you to waste massive amounts of time (hello hunky pictures of Richard Armitage!) can also be tremendously inspirational. I'm sure I'm not sharing a news flash when I say that Pinterest is the source of some seriously good material for us beauty lovers. From runway makeup to tips and tricks, links to websites, all the "take this picture to the hairstylist" photos you need and so much more it's easy to spend hours lost on this beauty lover's source of all things now

As I'm planning to get my hair chopped this coming weekend, I've been spending a considerable amount of time on Pinterest making sure I'm 100% positive I'm committing to the right hair cut. (You'd think hair doesn't grow back for all the agonizing I'm doing.) Consequently I've discovered a million and one other pins that have me feeling "pin"-spired! 




Have you discovered any pins that have left you feeling "pin"-spired recently? Do you have a favorite go to inspirational source on Pinterest?