Friday, November 15, 2013

Getting Cheeky's Top Five: Nail Polish

To round out a series that began just under a year ago, I wanted to take a look at a much loved but rarely discussed product on Getting Cheeky: nail polish. Although I have a wide array of shades and paint my nails on a frightfully regular schedule I just don't post about my tips and toes that often here. If you'd like to take a look at my favorites from the beginning of the series and learn a bit more about what products I can't be without, feel free to take a peek at all my favorites here

Despite a relatively large collection of polishes by Chanel, Essie, Deborah Lippmann and Tom Ford in shades ranging from black to classic red, bold blue and yellow I seem to have a very particular selection of shades that I turn to time and time again. Although colorful pointers will always be a favorite of mine, the polishes that I've long since lost the ability to live without all seem to fall within the same two color ways: neutral taupe and vampy red. 

Chanel Le Vernis 559 Frenzy
To say that Chanel's Frenzy has caused a frenzy would be an understatement. Whatever has been said about the finish of Chanel's nail polishes may be debatable, but the brand's ability to set nail trends seems undeniable. The same brand that brought us such iconic shades as Jade, Nouvelle Vague and Particulière made the putty colored manicure "the thing" with 559 Frenzy when it was released during the autumn of 2012. Trendy or not, I adore this shade for it's ability to add an immediate dash of polish and sophistication to my look.

Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Beige
Although I've largely ignored the rest of the Marc Jacobs beauty offering, I knew almost immediately that the shade Fluorescent Beige would have to come home with me. I obviously love a good neutral, and this particularly unique bisque shade offers something for everyone. Taupe in some light, slightly pink in others and all the while brightened with subtle but noticeable shimmer this shade not only looks lovely on the tips but also lasts for days. 

Essie Topless and Barefoot
A post about nail polish simply wouldn't be complete without my favorite neutral manicure shade of all time, Essie's incomparable Topless and Barefoot. My love for this beautiful creamy bisque polish was both proved and cemented by the fact that I wore it as my manicure and pedicure on my wedding day. The shade is absolute perfection and like many of the other Essie polishes I own lasts almost a full week on my fingers before it starts to chip and wear at the tips. 

Essie Wicked
Prized for the same longevity capabilities that made Topless and Barefoot an all time favorite, Wicked is my go to vampy shade. Sheer and blood red in one coat, deep dark aubergine tinged red in two it's truly Essie's chef d'oeuvre if you ask me. I eagerly await autumns arrival each year and begin painting my nails with Wicked weekly until April's showers bring May flowers. 

Tom Ford Minx
Tom Ford's Minx is the incredibly luxurious wild card of the bunch. I managed to score my precious bottle in a blog sale which eased the pain of the hefty price tag but ultimately left me longing for more Tom Ford polishes than my wish list can sustain. The color is incredibly luxurious and unique, lasts for days and days on my nails and never ceases to win me compliments. 

What are your top five nail polishes?