Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Keeping It Simple with NYL Skin Care

*This post contains PR samples.
Although I'm not nearly as committed to organic and natural skin care as many of my fellow bloggers, I'm certainly not opposed to simplifying and purifying where ingredients are concerned. One of the easiest ways for me to ensure that a product is safe for and gentle on my sensitive and eczema prone skin is to check the quality and length of the ingredient list. For this reason I've had great success with an independent brand that is new to me: NYL Skin Care. 

When I first introduced OpenSky on Getting Cheeky (here) I mentioned that the shopping experience offered an equal look at well known brands such as Kevyn Aucoin as it does at smaller more independent brands such as NYL skin care. It's been my pleasure to sample a wide array of products from NYL's lineup, but thus far my favorite has been their Extra-Gentle Makeup Remover*.  

Pronounced "nil" (as in nothing) NYL represents a new, simpler kind of skin care containing nothing harmful, irritating or toxic. The brand's OpenSky page promises 100% vegan, cruelty and chemical free skin care that nourishes the skin. 

Packaged in glass, my cherished Extra-Gentle Makeup Remover* contains only three ingredients: organic rosewater, organic vegetable glycerine and chardonnay grape seed oil. It's as effective at removing makeup as wildly popular removers such as Bioderma (yes ladies, even mascara!) and doesn't sting my eyes or cause my eczema to flare up. Coupled with either of the brand's gentle face washes (I've favored the Rosewater Face Wash* due to my dry skin, although Chamomile* for normal to oily skin is an equally soothing option) and my makeup is completely removed in under five ingredients.

I'm admittedly not as careful as I ought to be about the ingredients in my skin care. All too often I turn to popular products with ingredient lists as long as one of my favorite novels to do a task that could have been accomplished far more simply with only three or four wholesome ingredients that are 100% safe for my skin. Just as OpenSky offers a glimpse at big name brands, it also makes excellent small vegan and chemical free brands such as NYL more accessible, a quality that will surely encourage me to explore my skin care options more extensively in the future.

Have you had the opportunity to try NYL's excellent natural skin care?

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