Sunday, November 24, 2013

Seven Things Sunday

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I'm back! After a brief disturbance caused in equal measure by early darkness (less light for photographs), an insanely busy schedule, stress, a lack of desire to buy new makeup and much much more I think Getting Cheeky will finally be returning to usual. And what better way to ease myself into the writing schedule than with a Seven Things Sunday post? As we all know, these posts serve as my way to share a list of random things I've been liking, loving or (very rarely) disliking. 

One. A reading list that includes thoughtfully composed books and frivolous magazines in equal measure. 
I love a good silly magazine, but there is nothing quite like an engaging classic novel or an incredibly well written work of non-fiction. Ben Bosah Books was kind enough to send me a collection of essays* celebrating the life of one of my favorite authors, Chinua Achebe, following my recent Inspired By Literature post. Although I haven't been using my free time to write here (sorry!), I have been reading a great deal and enjoying the incredibly well written collection. More to follow.

Two. Freezing temperatures.
I'm well aware that I'm the polar (ha, pun intended) opposite of almost everyone else, but I welcome the arrival of freezing temperatures with open arms. Despite the added stress cold and dry air puts on my skin I just can't help but adore cold weather. Call me crazy, but the activities and clothing that come along with chilly air make winter nearly my favorite time of year ... second only to fall, of course!

Three. The perfect weekend.
This weekend was absolute perfection and if it weren't for the fact that I have a short week at work this week (thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday) I'd be incredibly reluctant to go back to work tomorrow morning. On Friday night I kicked things off by seeing Metric in concert, spent Saturday at an incredibly art exhibit and having meals/shopping with my family and today Mr. Cheeky and I cleaned and were incredibly productive. What did you do this weekend?

Four. A new perfume tray.
Quite by chance I found the most beautiful and perfect perfume tray I've ever seen while picking up a birthday gift at Anthropologie. Porcelain, dip dyed soft yellow around the outside and somewhat reminiscent of Louis XVI furniture in style it's simply gorgeous and right up my street. I'd show you a picture, but I've been too indecisive about how things should be arranged to immortalize my new tray in a photograph just yet.

Five. A brand new ULTA, right down the street! (Uh oh ...)
Ladies and gentlemen, there is a brand new (huge) ULTA right down the street from my home. I am in incredible trouble. I visited the store for the first time yesterday, and while I restrained myself and only picked up two very practical items I delighted in the completely untouched testers. (A sight I've never seen in all my years of shopping for makeup!) I think I may need Urban Decay Mushroom despite it's similarities to the plethora of taupes I already own.

Six. Holiday recipes are back again! 
I'm not one to eat myself silly ... however tempting it may be. Regardless, I eagerly await the arrival of the holiday season which signals the popularity of many of my favorite recipes. Mulled wine, pies, dinners and deserts are always so warming and full of love at this time of year that it would be almost impossible not to eagerly anticipate serving and sharing with family and friends.

Seven. A few wonderful blog posts as always ...
Meg of Lips So Facto shares some brilliantly designed gift guides sure to please this holiday season.
I adore classic red pointers, so Lil Lady Life's post about her favorite red polishes was a sight for sore eyes.
All I can say is "Bronzer Bunny made me do it ... again." Her review of African Botanics Skin Repair Body Balm convinced me it had to be mine.

What are your seven things this Sunday?

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