Wednesday, December 4, 2013

By Terry Rose de Rose Blush Fluide in 01 Fresh Rose

There couldn't be a more classic "Getting Cheeky" post than one written about a blush. As the title of this blog would suggest, I am (and have always been) completely enamored with blusher, rouge, and highlighter. In short, anything that helps me get cheeky! So it follows that after months of dreaming about By Terry's Rose de Rose Blush Fluide in shade 01 Fresh Rose I finally convinced myself that I do indeed need another shimmering pink in my collection. All for the sake of the blog, right? At a time in the year when my skin begins to look its most pale, sallow and dry By Terry's Rose de Rose blush is the answer to all my cosmetic woes. 

Rose de Rose is unlike other liquid blushers that I've previously used. The consistency is incredibly blendable (an aspect of this product I view as a benefit that has received mixed reviews) and not unlike a serum. By Terry explains the ingredients and benefits of Rose de Rose as follows: "rosamine, a natural carmine pigment derived from Rose petals, combines with matte and translucent micro-reflectors to enhance curved areas with a fresh and natural rosy sheen.- The rosaliss complex, bursting with White, Black and Pastel Rose extracts and pulverized perfecting prisms, smoothes the relief and illuminates the complexion with luscious radiance." While I can't speak to the "rosaliss complex" (it sounds a bit like mumbo-jumbo to my untrained ears), I can comment on the ability of this blush to highlight curved areas. Much like "one shadow wonders" that add just the right amount of dimension to the lid to create the appearance of multiple blended shadows, Rose de Rose blush adds complexity to the cheekbones highlighting where it ought to and adding rosy warmth where I naturally blush.

In all fairness I feel obliged to say that if glitter, or more accurately shimmer, are two words that do not enter into your makeup vocabulary then you will want to steer well clear of By Terry's Rose de Rose liquid blusher. On the other hand, if you adore illuminating shades à la NARS Orgasm and cannot be without your Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight then this blush is unquestionably for you. 

By Terry's Rose de Rose liquid blush in 01 Fresh Rose is an illuminating treat for the cheeks that adds the right amount of radiance and a natural looking blush in just half a pump. While I can compare 01 Fresh Rose to other liquid blushers and highlighters that I've tried, nothing even comes close in terms of quality. Not unlike the other By Terry products I've used, the consistency and caliber of this blush speak to By Terry's passion for innovation and commitment to delivering luxury. Truth be told I haven't been able to use another blush since this gem arrived on my doorstep.

Have you tried By Terry's Rose de Rose liquid blusher?