Sunday, December 8, 2013

Seduced by Oribe

I'm typically immune to the allure of hair products. For years my hair has been a very long mass of thick waves and apart from a once a week wash and a bit of pomade I've done very little to style it. But recently I've been consumed by the desire to go shorter and shorter still. In October I cut a few inches off leaving my hair just below shoulder length, and now I'm planning my next chop à la Olivia Pallermo's chic shoulder length bob.

As my hair has been cut at increasingly shorter lengths I've begun to style with a bit more gusto. A straightener is needed to smooth my hair down at the root, and I use a curling wand to add a bit of extra oomph at the base. Thanks to two new loves in my beauty routine I'm able to get my hair to look exactly as I want it to, and as a result I've been completely seduced by Oribe. 

Après Beach ($19.50 for 75 mL, $37 for 300 mL) gives my hair tousled, completely soft beach waves without the salty residue that has turned me off to Bumble and Bumble's Surf spray. I can apply this after I've curled my hair to give my waves a more relaxed, separated appearance or while my hair is still damp to create the undulating mermaid hair we all dream of. Oribe's much discussed Dry Texturizing Spray ($19.50 for 75 mL, $39 for 300 mL) is the ultimate for those of us who just don't seem to get along with traditional dry shampoo. Not only does the spray add oomph and texture to freshly washed hair, it also refreshes my locks between washes without the powdery buildup.

Both products work wonders for my thick, wavy and often frizzy hair and both products smell absolutely incredible. Oribe's styling product fragrance could be a perfume in its own right: Eau de Good Hair Day. So, safe to say that despite the hefty price tag I'll be treating myself to a full size of each of these incredible products when my minis have run out.