Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Season of Light with Diptyque Encens des Indes

Each year I seem to find yet another holiday tradition or seasonal favorite item that I simply cannot be without. Autumn means Diptyque's Feu de Bois, and it follows that chez-moi the season of light is synonymous with one thing: the annual purchase of one of Diptyque's incredibly luxe holiday candles. Although newly minted, I cling to my luxurious perennial purchase with reckless abandon and begin to decide which candle I'll buy almost as soon as the fragrances are announced.

Last year's Oliban was a sumptuous treat equally enjoyable to look at as it was to smell. Though I was unquestionably tempted by Orange Chaya (Orange Chai), my obsession with sensual incense got the better of me and I purchased Encens des Indes. Housed in a stunning luminous purple and gold glass jar, Encens des Indes is equal parts delicate floral and mysterious incense. Diptyque always manages to capture the jubilation of the holiday season coupled with the mystery of the winter solstice. While rose and carnation delight the senses and keep our hearts and noses light, the addition of incense an myrrh captures all that is ancient and profound about the holiday season. 

Much like 2012's Oliban, Encens des Indes represents a less modern take on holiday fragrances. Myrrh and incense are indeed the original scents of the season obscured by our love of pine, fir, balsam and spice popularized during the nineteenth century. If you love deep, sensual fragrances and are looking for an alternative to pine and spice based holiday candles (which, if I'm honest, I also have an abundance of) Encens des Indes is for you.