Saturday, January 25, 2014


A funny thing has happened chez Getting Cheeky ... I'm just not that interested in new collections and while I'm buying makeup writing about it feels like a bit of a burden. As a firm believer that things shouldn't be forced, I tend not to do things unless they feel "right." Although I love Getting Cheeky, and I'm sure I'll be back I just can't do it right now. Truth be told there is something liberating about having a smaller amount of makeup, not feeling pressure to snap pictures before using items and having the free time to paint, read, knit or pursue any interest I like other than the almighty Sephora/Nordstrom receipt. 

I'm sure you'll hear from me soon, but if you just can't wait (ha.) feel free to drop me a line at or follow me on Instagram ... I'm still there on the daily. 

XO - Jessica