Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Perfect Winter Lip: YSL Volupté Sheer Candy 07 Sweet Fig

I have absolutely no fear these days when it comes to lipstick. What started as a resolution in 2013 to move from more conservative lip colors and glosses to bold statement shades has become a way of life chez-Getting Cheeky. However, there's noting quite like a sheer lip color. I adore "slap it on and go" shades, all the more so when the lip product is moisturizing.

In 2011 I discovered the YSL Volupté Sheer Candy range and have devoured two tubes of my favorite summer shade, 02 Dewy Papaya. I recently finished my second tube of Dewy Papaya but thought I wouldn't repurchase until warmer weather beckoned. Yet as all makeup addicts are wont to do I found myself looking at the other shades of Volupté Sheer Candy balms while browsing Sephora's website with a generous gift card burning a hole in my pocket (thank you EG!). I remembered hearing wonderful things about 07 Sweet Fig, a sheer brick red, and couldn't resist. 

07 Sweet Fig is a hybrid somewhere in between a cherry and brown tinged red that looks heavenly when applied to my already pigmented lips. Somehow the sheer shade manages to give me 1990s pouty lips, moisturizes and pulls together just about any wintery makeup look. I find myself reaching for Sweet Fig just as often as I used Dewy Papaya and I'm now so thoroughly in love with the line that I'm contemplating a few other purchases. (Surely if Sweet Fig is my winter shade and Dewy Papaya is my summer shade I'll naturally need a spring shade too ... no?)

So there you have it. Although I adore bright red, fuchsia and purple toned orchids on my pout it's comforting to find a sheer, glossy standby shade that slicks on without a mirror and adds a certain je ne sais quoi to any look. The best part? This rich, warm fig red shade looks perfectly at home in the cold winter weather. It's undoubtedly a new favorite.

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